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Back Office Training


  • How do I change my password?
    New members are given a randomized password, automatically generated by the system and sent via email. Once you're ready to change it, this can be done by clicking on Personal Info (Edit) on the left hand side of your Back Office, located under Account Information.  
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  • How do I login to the Members Back Office?
    You can login at https://www.cs4000.net/GreenOrganics/member/.Your Member ID and Password were automatically generated when you initially createdyour member account or placed your first order.Password can be retrieved at https://www.cs4000.net/GreenOrganics/member/forgot_pass.asp.If you do not...
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  • What type of things can I do in the Member Back Office when I login?
    Your Members Back Office is where you manage your auto-delivery order, place product orders, view your Product Consultant organization, view commissions earned, withdraw commissions, and updateyour account information.Please Note: Customers and Product Consultants who will be manually placing...
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