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Bonus / Rank Buying

Bonus / Rank Qualification buying is strictly and absolutely prohibited.

Bonus / Rank buying includes:

(a) the enrollment of individuals or entities without the knowledge of and/or execution of an Agreement by such individuals or entities.

(b) the fraudulent enrollment of an individual or entity as a Product Consultant or Customer

(c) the enrollment or attempted enrollment of non-existent individuals or entities as Product Consultant or Customers (“phantoms”)

(d) purchasing goDesana, a Green Organics International company, products or services on behalf of another Product Consultant or Customer, or under another Product Consultant’s or Customer’s ID number, to qualify for commissions or bonuses

(e) purchasing excessive amounts of goods or services that cannot reasonably be used or resold in a month; and/or (f) any other mechanism or artifice to qualify for rank advancement, incentives, prizes, commissions, or bonuses that is not driven by bona fide product or service purchases by end user consumers.

A Product Consultant shall not use another Product Consultant’s or Customer’s credit card or debit checking account to enroll in goDesana, a Green Organics International company, or purchase products or services without the account holder’s written permission. Such documentation must be kept by the Product Consultant indefinitely in case goDesana, a Green Organics International company, needs to reference this.

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