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3.5 Sponsorship

3.5 Sponsorship

A. The sponsor is the person who introduces a Product Consultant or Customer to goDesana, a Green Organics International company, helps them complete their enrollment, and supports and trains those in their downline.

B. goDesana, a Green Organics International company, recognizes the sponsor as the name(s) shown on the first:

I. Physically signed Product Consultant agreement on file;
II. Electronically signed Product Consultant agreement from the Product Consultant's Corporate provided web site(s).

C. A Product Consultant agreement that contains notations such as “by phone” or the signatures of other individuals (i.e. Sponsors, Spouses, relatives, or friends) is not valid and will not be accepted.

D. goDesana, a Green Organics International company, recognizes that each new prospect has the right to ultimately choose his or her own sponsor, but goDesana, a Green Organics International company, will not allow Product Consultants to engage in unethical sponsoring activities.

E. All active Product Consultants in good standing have the right to Sponsor and enroll others. While engaged in sponsoring activities, it is not uncommon to encounter situations when more than one Product Consultant will approach the same prospect. It is the accepted courtesy that the new prospect will be sponsored by the first Product Consultant who presented a comprehensive introduction to products and business opportunity.

F. A Protected Prospect is a guest of any goDesana, a Green Organics International company, Product Consultant or Customer who attended a goDesana, a Green Organics International company, event or conference call. For 60 days following the event, a Protected Prospect cannot be solicited or sponsored by any other Product Consultant who attended the same event. A goDesana, a Green Organics International company, event can be defined as the following:

I. Any training session;
II. Conference call;
III. Fly-in meeting; or
IV. Presentation, including but not limited to an at home presentation, whether sponsored by goDesana, a Green Organics International company, a Product Consultant, a Customer, or an agent or agency designated by goDesana, a Green Organics International company.

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