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3.4 Reporting Policy Violation

3.4 Reporting Policy Violation

A. A Product Consultant who observes a policy violation by another Product Consultant should submit a written and signed letter (e-mail will not be accepted) of the violation directly
to the Corporate office. The letter shall set forth the details of the incident as follows:

I. The nature of the violation;
II. Specific facts to support the allegations;
III. Dates;
IV. Number of occurrences;

B. Once the matter has been presented to goDesana, a Green Organics International company, it will be researched thoroughly by the compliance department and appropriate action will be taken if required.

C. This section refers to the general reporting of policy violations as observed by other Product Consultants for the mutual effort to support, protect, and defend the integrity of the goDesana, a Green Organics International company, business, and opportunity. If a Product Consultant has a grievance or complaint against another Product Consultant which directly relates to his or her business, the procedures set forth in Section 15.1 must be followed.

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