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6.1 US & International Refund Policy

6.1 US & International Refund Policy

A.   goDésana, a Green Organics International company, stands behind all of our products with a no questions asked, 30 day refund policy. Products that do not meet a Customer’s or Product Consultant’s satisfaction can be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, less shipping and handling.

B.   Products that are returned more than 30 days after purchase or that are opened are refundable in full as Member Reward Points (MRP) only.

C.   Pre-selected S.A.T. Packs and Build Your Own S.A.T. Packs are refundable as Member Reward Points (MRP) only.

D.   The return of $300 or more of products, accompanied by a request for a refund within a calendar year,by a Product Consultant who has earned and received commissions and bonuses, may constitute grounds for involuntary termination.

E.   Reshipment of orders that have been lost, confiscated by Customs, damaged, spoiled, stolen, delayed, redirected, re-routed, or returned will incur the cost to re-ship products and a 30% product loss fee of total shipment, to be charged to the card on file before the order is re-shipped.  

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